Blueprint for Parenting: Raising a Happy, Confident Child into a Successful Adult

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In this day and age, as overloaded parents dealing with multiple demands we generally don't have enough time to relate to our children and therefore, take great risks in leaving our relationship with them to chance.

In this quick and easy read, Mona provides busy parents with the tools and knowledge to raise happy, confident children into adults that will maximize their potential.

In addition to being a successful author, entrepreneur, and coach, Mona is the proud parent of four children and has coached and provided therapy to parents from all walks of life, including, single moms and dads, happily married couples, and parents of troubled children.

This book is a brief culmination of her findings and studies and provides a foundational mindset for understanding your children in a unique light.  Mona's innovative approach towards the basics will change the way you relate to your children forever and enable you to understand your kids and raise them to become their best selves.

Moon Starchild (Moon Starchild Chronicles) (Volume 1)

The enchanting tale of Moon Starchild is a delightful and insightful tool with which to guide intuitively inspired children and adults and introduce them to the power we all hold inside us.

Blueprint for Parenting Book
Mona, you are a very insightful and motivational speaker. You kept me (and my husband!) engaged and provided us both with valuable methods to use in our everyday lives. Thanks so much and can't wait for your next ev...
Sherry 10/07/2011
Blueprint for Parenting Book
So Useful and Applicable!
Mona, you rock! Please continue with all your hard work and changing peoples lives!

Thanks for the boo...
Mike 10/05/2011

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