The MST Group is focused on promoting Human and Organizational Peak Performance. As such, our company offers a variety of consulting and coaching services, all of which are custom-tailored to help you or your organization realize success.

Within our four primary consulting and coaching programs, we offer a wide range of services designed to help you reach your goals:

Executive Peak Performance:

  • Progress in Your Career (Attain the Position You Seek)
  • Get Through Career Transitions Successfully
  • Develop Leadership & Managerial Skills
  • Conflict Resolution and Crisis Management
  • Master a Work- Life Balance
  • Find & Maintain Positive Professional and Personal Relationships

Business Management Consulting:

  • Increase Company Value
  • Create A Business Plan for a New Business or Business Growth
  • Improve Efficiency & Ease of Operations
  • Strategic Corporate Planning for Development and Growth
  • Assess Strengths, Weaknesses, and Business Goals

Employee and Group Optimization Coaching:

  • Team Building Workshop
  • How to Communicate Efficiently and Harmoniously
  • How to Inspire and Motivate People
  • Employee Motivational Seminars
  • Formulate & Track Corporate and Individual Goals
  • Individual Work-Life Balance Assessments and Seminars
  • Initiate Employee Incentive Programs

Individual Life Coaching:

  • Specialty in How to Build Personal Wealth and Prosperity
  • Complete Life Makeovers
  • Weight Loss and Personal Image Transformation
  • Find & Maintain Healthy Relationships
  • Parenting Techniques (Taught in Schools, Churches and to Individuals)

For additional information about each of our consulting and coaching areas, please refer to the “Services Offered” drop down menu or call us.