We at MST are driven by our passion to find and optimize individuals’ and organizations’ peak potential in a sustainable and enjoyable manner. We utilize our unique multidisciplinary approach to reconfiguring the neurological pathways of the mind to ignite the natural motivators and mechanisms that lead to inspired activity bringing about a continuum of effortless success. We are dedicated to bringing about results of the highest caliber in the shortest time period possible. We are uncompromising in our ethics and integrity and are dedicated to only working with other professionals of the highest standard.

What we do:

For Organizations: For Individuals:
  • Business Consulting:  Business Plans and Business Planning, Corporate Development and Strategy, Profit Maximization, Marketing
  • Individual, Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Executive Coaching (crisis management, sales team training, peak performance coaching)
  • Parent Coaching
  • Leadership and Management Workshops
  • Hypnotherapy (Including Past Life Regression)
  • Time Management, Efficiency and Productivity Workshops
  • Life Purpose Coaching
  • Workshops, Seminars and Lectures tailored to Individual, Business, or School’s particular needs.
  • Goal Accomplishment and Planning

Please refer to our Services Offered tab to learn more about each individual area in which we can help you with.