We can turn your vision into a reality…

As the economy constantly changes, businesses must strive to constantly reassess their capabilities, reassess corporate goals and develop improvement strategies to remain competitive and profitable. Existing systems and methodologies need to be evaluated and corrected and new strategic approaches implemented. MST GROUP business consultants help business owners:

  • Assess the strength and weakness of their organization
  • Recognize any barriers keeping the business from success
  • Organize short and long term business goals
  • Determine the cost effective strategies for positive change
  • Establish, measure and manage performance benchmarks
  • Create incentives for employees to maximize productivity
  • Create a business process to ensure ease of operations

Together, you and your Business Analyst will explore your unique business situation, identify problem areas and quantify the costs of those problems to your bottom line. Through collaboration, your MST consultant will also work with you to prioritize your business goals and objectives, in order expedite the consulting process and ensure you realize goals. We take pride in our work, and realize that even brilliant strategies are worthless if there are not executed. Thus, our approach encompasses planning, development and complete implementation. The results are measurable company performance improvements in:

  • Growth
  • Profit
  • Cash Management
  • Ease of Operations
  • Enhanced Company Value
  • Return on Investment

“Mona and I have known each other professionally for over ten years. We have always had a shared interest in building organizations that help people thrive in their complete lives — professional and personal. Mona is one of a handful of people in the last fifteen years I have such a high level of respect for. In her work, she has that rare combination of vision, knowledge, business experience and down-to-earth people skills. The latter is what separates her though. She is that warm, positive person that you could talk to for hours.”

Kit Cooper
Founder and Executive Director
Quality of Life Project